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Visage Bi-fold Doors – Seamless, Elegant and Popular

Visage bi-fold doors – customers asking for top of the range product.

I almost can’t remember the last time a saw a new house extension, conservatory or orangery that didn’t include bi-fold doors. The bi-fold phenomenon has grabbed the imagination of homeowners as they aspire to create light and airy open space in their houses.

But the bi-fold door explosion also brings problems for installation companies. Customers have read the latest home improvement magazines, they’ve watched Grand Designs and want the big expanse of glass. They want to walk seamlessly from the house and on to the patio or decking. Trying to match the dream to the budget your customer can afford is not an easy task.

Top of the range aluminium bi-fold doors will hit the mark but come with a hefty price tag. PVCu is the practical option but homeowners don’t want chunky frames and stepping over the door frame often isn’t an option.

Visage Bi-fold Doors with Zero thresholdThe new Visage Bi-fold Door solves this problem. Flush hinges, slim handles and slimline frames create a larger glass area to let more light in and give a better view out. The door frames are made from fully sculptured, energy efficient REHAU PVCu so they match perfectly with fan lights or surrounding windows. The slimline frames also allow the door panels to stack back further for an even wider opening.

Visage Bi-fold Doors are also available with a flush threshold. In fact there are three threshold options to choose from to suit any construction detail. The bi-fold doors feature aluminium running track on the top and bottom of the opening for even weight distribution and ease of operation of the opening panels. The high strength aluminium also keeps the doors rigid when installed, solving the usual problem of flexing in use which is a real issue with many PVCu Bi-Folds.

The internal track rollers really set Visage Bi-Fold Doors apart. The rollers slide inside the track and are hidden when closed. This design means there are no face mounted hinges so you get the neat look that homeowners want. It also makes Visage Bi-Fold Doors very secure.

When we say slimline frames we really mean slim. The overall sash to sash width when closed is just 154mm – that’s as slim as some aluminium Bi-Folds. So there’s more glass and much less frame to let in light and give an unobstructed view out. You can also offer Visage Bi-folds in a wide range of colours – Anthracite grey on white, rosewood, oak as well as white.

Thermal movement of the door sashes is resolved with neat expansion weatherseals between the doors. Doors with a white internal finish feature a white gasket for improved aesthetics. The gasket clearance also means fingers won’t get trapped when opening and closing the bi-folds.

And fitting Visage Bi-fold doors is also much easier. Fully assembled outerframe and sashes means installation is straightforward.

Here’s a quick features and benefits check for Visage Bi-fold Doors:

IMG_3545 (2)

  • Fully sculptured REHAU PVCu in white and a wide range of colour options – including the popular Anthracite Grey on White
  • Slimline doors like aluminium – only 154mm sash to sash
  • Strong aluminium top and bottom tracks and jambs for long term stability
  • Built in security with internal track rollers – impossible to lift off the doors
  • No unsightly face mounted hinges
  • Various threshold options including flush inside and out
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Fully assembled outerframe and sashes makes installation easier

We give you full installation instructions for your team and an operation & maintenance guide for your customer. Download here>>

YOU CAN ORDER VISAGE BI-FOLD DOORS NOW – Call us for a price list and order form



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