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Helping customers to make the right choices with new online door designer

Shepley Managing Director Ian Griffiths talks about their new door designer software and how it’s transforming customer choice.

As the saying goes, ‘the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.’ We’re all unique and each of us has different tastes, whether you’re talking about food, music or clothes.

The same also applies to composite doors.

These days there is such an incredibly wide range of different options to choose from, it can be a minefield of choice for homeowners to navigate in order to find their perfect front door.

The agony of choice

What kind of glass do they want? Chrome handle or gold lever pad? Chartwell green or duck egg blue? Sculptured frame or bevelled? Not to mention the huge selection of different door styles available.

This can all prove very confusing to homeowners, and it’s difficult for them to envisage how all the options fit together. It also goes without saying that all of these variants can create a real headache when it comes to pricing up.

Helping customers

We have designed and developed the new online Visage Composite Door Designer to help both installers and homeowners to quickly navigate the available options from the Visage Composite Door Collection.

Featuring all the latest door styles, glass designs, frames, colour options and hardware, the Visage Composite Door Designer is easy to use and is the perfect sales tool for installers to display the variety of choice while simplifying the trade pricing and ordering processes.

Leading the way for installers

It’s incredibly important to keep up with the latest technology so we can enhance the service we provide and the products we manufacture, and this design-led concept means that we are leading the way in how we work with installers.

Fully optimised for visitors using mobiles or tablets, the Visage Composite Door Designer enables customers to log in, design a door, get the trade price and order it – simple as that. All sales leads and orders can be managed through their password protected, secure Shepley account.

Introducing My Door Designer

We have also launched My Door Designer, in partnership with The Glazing Vault, providing our customers with the option to add the Visage Composite Door Designer to their own websites for a very reasonable annual fee.

Installers can fully personalise My Door Designer with their company logos, prices, installation costs and enhancements.

This also means that their customers will be able to design doors online at any time, generating direct enquiries 24/7.

Fully synced, always up to date

My Door Designer is synced live to the Visage Composite Door Designer, so it is always up to date with the latest door styles, colour options, glass designs etc. You can also send your orders directly to Shepley, either automatically or via email.

Find out how to add My Door Designer to your website now.



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